Romans 3.1-20  •  1/12/16

      Paul continues writing to the Jews in the church group in Rome. He anticipates their questions and objections. States those questions and then answers them. He summarizes in 3.9 “They (we) are all under sin.”

      In Romans 3.10-18 Paul cites quote after qoute from the Old Testament scriptures. One after another these quotes, like a sting of pearls, clinch the case: “No one is righteous; no one understands; all have turned aside from God; there is no fear of God…”

      Thus far in Romans Paul has built an iron clad case, and next week in Romans 3.23 the verdict will be clearly stated: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

      Fortunately for you and me there is a “But now…” (3.21) which we will get to next week!