Romans 13 revisit & our Culture & Does God redeem everything? • 3/29/16

      Romans 13 revisit - to clarify when the Christian has a duty to obey the state, and when the Christian has a duty to oppose the state. Which can be summed up by saying:

     "submit up to the point where obedience to the state would mean disobedience to God” or put another way, "i.e. if state commands what God forbids, or forbids what God commands our Christian duty is to resist, not to submit…

     Click here to review the slides. The slides start out with a full page newspaper add in support of abortion - and attempting to support that position by quoting the Bible. However, if you look up the Biblical references from the advertisement there is no connection… the point being that just because the ad looks  erudite and imposing doesn’t mean that it is!!! The christian ought not to be intimidated by looks!

      Lastly, we considered the fact that God redeems all that He allows. That is in the slide pdf also.

      Next week we will continue with Romans 14.