5/31/16 • 1 Timothy 6; 2 Timothy 4.6-18; Titus 3

      Paul continues to urge both Timothy and Titus to “preach the word,” "keep the faith,” “fight the good fight of faith.” 

      Titus 3.3-8 describes the condition prior to salvation; the nature of salvation (along with a very clear reference to the trinity); and a practical result of that salvation.

      Click here for the notes from our discussion.

      Next week, June 7th, we will have a very special guest instructor. A young pastor who has just planted a church in Round Rock - using the movie theaters there for their sanctuary and child care spaces. 

      I promise you that you will be moved by his faith, and his presentation!

      Following that we will be on summer break until our Bible Study resumes on September 13th.