John 20 • 10/13/15

     …every other religion in the world?  The founder 

     1) claimed to be God (John 8.58, 12.45, 14.17) and 

     2) rose from the dead (John 20.1-18, Matt 28.1-10, Mark 16, Luke 24)

     Over the past several weeks we have read, compared and discussed all 4 gospel versions of the : arrest, trial, sentencing,  crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus. The variations in the 4 gospel accounts serve to provide a richer picture of what happened. 

     This is similar to the variations in eye witness testimonies to an automobile accident. Each witness adds additional, often different and sometimes conflicting detail to the account of what happened. In the end a more complete picture of what happened emerges.

     In the case of the gospel accounts concerning Jesus, I am certain that if the 4 accounts were exactly similar there would be way more accusation of fabrication ! 


     a)  There will be a session this week, 10/20, same time, same place. 

     b)  There will be NO session the following week, 10/27. 

     c)  The session on 11/3 will be in a new location - details to follow.

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