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Bible Study For Everybody

Ever wonder why the Bible is, and has been, the #1 best selling book in the world?  Is it a collection of myths and stories; a discussion of ethical and moral principles; or, is it really some sort of God inspired text?  Ever thought that someday you probably ought to look into it a little - or a lot?  What does it really say?  Does it have a coherent integrated message?  Or...?

Here’s your chance.  This fall a new non-denominational Bible study will start and be open to... as the title indicates... everybody!  The study will be presented in sessions, lasting from a few weeks to multiple weeks.  You can feel free to come whenever or as often as you care to and are able.  It will be offered on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm to 7:30 starting on the 11th of September, and held at 4701-4 Williams Drive.  (That is in Agave Court, across from BB’s restaurant and next door to the Hippie Cowgirl.)

Bible Study For Everybody is being offered by a multi-denominational group under the leadership of Dave Carey, a Georgetown resident since 2003.  Dave is a retired Navy Captain and former Navy pilot.  His plane was shot down over North Vietnam and he was held as a POW in the infamous Hanoi Hilton for five and a half years.  Since retiring from the Navy, Dave has worked as a motivational speaker, consultant, trainer and coach.  He is the author of “The Ways We Choose: Lessons For Life From a POW’s Experience.  Dave has been involved in Bible Study as a participant since 1985, and has been strongly encouraged to begin teaching.  

A web site will soon be active.  For more information, contact  or 512-422-6108.    

This study will be literally for everybody - from the novice, to the curious, to the established student of the Bible.  Come, join us, bring your favorite Bible, or use one provided.