Essentials & Unity - 4/8/14

     Please note: there will NOT be a class on Tuesday 4/15.

     In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.” This quote from a German theologian in 1627, will form the basis for the next several weeks of our study.

     Last Tuesday, April 8th, went along smoothly while looking at scriptures indicating that unity is to be a goal of believers - unity was a reality for Jesus and His Father, and is to be a goal for His followers. Paul wrote extensivly about unity.

     When the lesson turned to essentials the discussion got a lot more interesting and animated. 

     What are the essentials that set the Christian faith apart from every other religion and cult? This will be the subject we will be studying for the rest of this year - until our summer recess following the class on June 3rd. 

     Our next class, on 4/22, will look at the first two essentials: the Deity of Christ, and Original Sin. Click here for a worksheet.