Walk through the Bible - 1/7/2014

      We began the new year with a walk through the Bible - The History of Redemption, an overview of the Bible given by Ronnie Smith. On December 6th, 2013, Ronnie was shot and killed in Bengazi, Lybia while out jogging. He was there teaching chemistry at the International School.

     His presentation, a sermon given at Austin Stone Community Church in November of 2007, is the most powerful presentation of the Bible I have ever seen. 

     It is worth your time to take 30 minutes and watch it by clicking on "Watch The Sermon" on the red ribbon through the middle of the page that you will get to by clicking here.

     I promise you that you will be blessed by watching it!

     Our discussion then revolved around, "Is the Bible a complicated, disjointed, confusing book, or is it a very simple story of God's plan to redeem His creation?" and, how do you briefly explain that to someone? (Like on an elevator!)

     Next week 1/14/14 we shall begin to address the question, "What is the purpose of Bible Study?” Click here for a worksheet if you care to try to work ahead.