“Jobs" for believers: Spiritual Gifts Inventory • 3/4/2014

      Tuesday, 3/4, everyone took a Spiritual Gifts Inventory. There are a few of caveats.

       1) There is no Biblical indication that spiritual gifts can be determined by a test.  

       2) People tend to see themselves differently than other people see them!! 

      3) Some of these ministry areas are the responsibility only of those gifted to fulfill them, while with others all believers are somewhat responsible. For instance, those with the gift of prophecy should preach; those with the gift of teaching should teach the Bible to others; those with the gift of apostleship should be our leaders in missions ministry. On the other hand, to some extent God expects all of his people to discern truth from error, share their faith, encourage others, have faith in him, give sacrificially, show hospitality to others, intercede regularly, seek to know and share his word, offer mercy to hurting people, meet practical needs with joy, help others grow spiritually, and relate His truth to life.

      The spiritual gifts, then, do not confine our service only to the areas where we are gifted. Rather, they point the way to ministries where we will lead and serve with our greatest passion and joy.

       So everyone completed an inventory. If you are curious, click here for the inventory we used and a way to score it. You can also click here for a list of Spiritual gifts, definitions and Scriptual references.

       This week, 3/11, we will study another major “job” for Christian believers. Click here for the worksheet.