Essentials - Eschatology • 6/3/2014

      Eschatology - this weaves Scripture together into a harmonious pattern chronicling God’s unfolding plan of redemption. The part of theology concerned with death, judgement and the final destination of the soul and of human kind; the study of end times. An essential of the Christian faith.

      We concluded our study of the essentails of the Christian faith on Tuesday evening, 6/3, by considering what the Bible tells us about the second coming of Christ, and the final destination of human kind.

      While it is possible to get caught up (and we did!) in the details of many aspects of that subject, the essential is that God has a plan to restore His creation to perfection under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

      We also read and considered what the Bible tells us about wine and drinking...

      This was our last session before the summer break. We will reconvene September 9th.