John 5.31 - 6.40 • 2/3/15

     John writes that Jesus claimed 4 witnesses testifying to who He is. (John5.31-47)  Can you find and identify them?

     Can you think of any significance for the gathering of 12 baskets of leftovers following the feeding of the 5000? (John 6.13)

     When Jesus walked on the water, the disciples in the boat had to have been very aware of, and familiar with Old Testament references to God’s dominion over the seas. Are you?  (Hint, here are a few Psalm 89.9;  Psalm 77.16-19;  Psalm 107.23-31;  Job 9.8;  Jer 31.35)

     Jesus said, in John 6.35 “I am the bread of life…” What kind of life is He talking about? What does that mean?

     Next week we will pick up with John 6.41

Prayer list