John 5.1-30  •  1/27/15

     Study continued in John 5.1-30. 

     In v6 Jesus asked the man who had an infirmity “Do you want to be made well?” At first that seems like a ridiculous question - but is it? Many people with very real issues thrive on their “issues.” They are very content with their “victim” status. 

     In the larger scheme of things if one is unwilling to admit his/her need and helplessness, then of course there is no recognition of a “need” for help. Expand that sentence into thinking about a need for saving grace… if there is no recognition of need and helplessness then there is no need for saving grace!

      Here’s a challenge for you: read John 5.16-30 and list how many ways Jesus identifies Himself as, with, and equal to, God!

      So if someone were to tell you that ‘Jesus never claimed to be God,’ they are speaking out of ignorance. At the time the Jewish authorities knew that Jesus “not only broke the Sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God.” (v18, then He proceeded to identify Himself as, with, and equal to God in numerous ways in v19-30!!)

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