April 2015  •  John 11 - 12  •  4/7, 14 & 21/15

     We have been studying our way through John 11 and 12. The greatest miracle Jesus performed (aside from His own resurrection) was the raising of Lazarus from the dead. There was no doubt that Lazarus was dead he had been dead and entombed for four days. Since the ancient Hebrews didn’t embalm, Lazarus’ body would have already started to decay - and stink.

     It was public knowledge, many people were there, the word spread like wildfire, it set the scene for Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem — and His steady progression toward the cross. "The chief priests plotted to put Lazarus to death.” [For the second time - my comment:-)]   (John 12.10)

     He was no longer a "hick from the sticks.” His fame was spreading. The Hebrew scholars, and religious leaders, recognized the threat to the establishment that Jesus posed. They even said, “Look the world has gone after Him.” (John 12.19b)

     Jesus said, “The hour has come…” (John 12.23)

     Next week, 4/28/15, we will continue, starting from John 12.27.