John 15  •  5/26/15

     John 15.1-8  begins with Jesus lesson on the true vine and the branches and gives pause for thought. Most likely everyone wants to bear fruit — no one wants to be pruned! Have you ever been pruned? How did God do that? 

     Jesus commandment, (John 15.12) that we love one another, as He has loved us, places the bar at an impossible height! Without the Holy Spirit we could never even approach that commandment… and even with the Holy Spirit we miss the mark.

     What is the “world” (John 15.18-20) which hates Jesus, and His Father; the “world” that He says disciples are not a part of? The “world” that persecuted Him and which He says will persecute His followers? How is it that Christians are to be in the world and yet not part of the world? Have you ever experienced persecution because you are a Christian?

     What kind of answers you might have to those questions? Feel free to begin and/or join the discussion below. 

     Next week, June 2nd, will be our last session until we begin again on September 8th — mark your calendars:-)