June 2015 • John 15 - 16  •  6/2/15

     Tuesday, in the face of the “world’s hatred” and promised persecution, both to Jesus contemporary followers and His followers down through the ages, we discussed several possible responses:

          Retreat? - Should Christians isolate themselves from the world around them?

          Fit in? - Should Christians imitate the world around them and try to fit in, i.e. "go along to get along?"

          Or in some cases do Christians bring persecution upon themselves, through their own shortcomings - the lack of growing into a living example of the fruit of the Spirit?

          Persevere? - witness for the faith in the face of adversity, intolerance, threats, and as is sometimes the case worldwide death.

     A short study of the Scripture reveals that Retreat from the world, and Imitate the world are NOT Biblical options. Bringing problems upon ourselves through lack of spiritual growth and lack of becoming an example of the fruit of the Spirit; as well as the Christian’s ability to persevere, while impossible on our own, are both products of the Holy Spirit living within us. 

     The Scripture calls us to be salt and light in the world. While this may be humanly impossible to do, or even to comprehend, “Nothing is impossible for God.” (Luke 1.37) 

     The discussion then turned into a radio interview about our relationship to the Holy Spirit. How do we develop and strengthen that? How would you develop and strengthed that relationship?

     That was our last session until September 8, 2015. Have a wonderful summer, pray without ceasing!

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