John 1.15 - 1.36  •  11/4/14

     We blazed a trail through 21 verses Tuesday 11/4 - a new record!!  The discussion centered on John the Baptist’s testimony about Jesus. 

     Those sent to question John the Baptist, were sent by the ‘established’ church. There was considerable confusion about who John the Baptist was. Malachi 3.1, 4.5 says Elijah will come before the coming of the great day of the Lord.  In Deuteronomy 18.15, Moses says the Lord will raise up a prophet like himself.

     The Jews baptized new converts to Judiasism - however, John was baptizing jews!  John the Baptist’s testimony was clear.  He was not Elijah, he was not the prophet, he was “making straight the way of the Lord.” 

     John the Baptist testified, that this (Jesus) was the "Son of God.” And when John the Baptist said, “behold the Lamb of God,” that had great meaning to them! (Gen 22.7;  Ex 12.3-5;  Is 53.7, 12)

      (Also you might check out 1Peter 1.19; and Rev 5.6-14.) 


Tuesday 11/11/2014 we will start with John 1.37