John 2.1 - 25  •  11/18/14

     John chapter 2 begins with the wedding in Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine. We discussed why His mother, Mary, told Jesus that the wine had run out; why she told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do; why He used the servants and not His disciples to help him. 

     The amount of wine in those 6 water jars would have been 120 to 180 gallons - of course the water may have been turned to wine as it was drawn out and not all at once…

     John calls the miracles that Jesus performed “signs,” or "miraculous signs.” John says that through these signs He revealed His glory to His disciples and that they believed in Him through this.

     A “sign” is a “miracle with a meaning!”

     Starting at John 2.12 is the recording of Jesus going up to Jerusalem and the cleansing of the temple. How interesting that Jesus would begin His public ministry on Passover. 

     The Jewish leaders wanted a sign as to who Jesus was. How often do you and I want a sign as to who Jesus is?

     John 2.23-25 says that Jesus knew what was in all people. Does it make you nervous to know that Jesus (God) knows everything that is in your heart?

     No Session on 11/25/2014. Happy Thanksgiving! Let us give thanks for all our blessings…

     Our next session will be on 12/2/2014. We will start at John 3.1