John • 9/8/2015 • “I AM…   “I DO…"

     Bible study restarted for the Autumn last Tuesday, 9/8/2015. After some organizational administrativia we considered Jesus “I am…” statements and some of the signs Jesus did, i.e. “I do…”

     John wrote to both the Jew whose philosophy primarily was ‘I am what I do..., i.e. what you ‘do' is primary. He also wrote to the gentile whose philosophy primarily was ‘I am what I say… John wrote to the  both of these audiences.

     We then examined the overriding significance, the big picture meaining of Jesus 7 “I am” statements in John; and the same for 7 signs that Jesus did in John. Click here for the worksheet we used.

     Next week we will pick up with John chapter 17.