Present & Past Studies

    2017 - 2018







           1st & 2nd Timothy and Titus 

    2014-2015 the topic was the gospel of John chapters 1 - 16

     2013-2014 topics included:

            Insider secrets of the Christian faith


            Biblical Guidance for Relationships with others

            Fear, worry, anxiety, doubt - who me?


            Spiritual transformation


            How do we do these things we’ve talked about?

            What is the purpose of Bible Study?            

                     Basics of the Christian Faith

                     God’s chosen vehicle in this world

                     Our tasks as believers

                     The purpose of Bible Study

           The essentials of the Christian faith.

           Putting our faith in action - the book of James 5/20/14

           Saints, Sinners and Satan - 5/27/14

           Eschatology and New wine in old wine bottles! - 6/3/14

   2012-2013 topics included:

           What is the Bible, where did it come from, written by whom,   

                        background, historical periods, languages written in, etc.

           Book of Mark